Dumb dogs?

I hear it all the time, that dumb dog does…. It’s a dog’s life the list goes on. Well we must be really lucky because our dogs seem to be smart . They can tell time within minutes, feeding time is 5am and 5 pm, don’t ever forget or you’ll have three Golden retrievers in your lap post haste.

Now that all three have been released from the Canine Companions for Independence program (www.cci.org) the “don’t get on the sofa” rule has been relaxed so all three love to be on the sofa with or without us.
We’ve noticed that Gretzky will sometimes get on the sofa even when room is sparse and push his way into a spot, if Fischer is there 1st Fish takes up all the room between Linda and I so Gretzky will jump up , sit on my lap and lay on the foot rest. Other times he’ll pick up a toy and bring it to me to throw, it only takes a couple tosses before Fischer jumps down and runs for the toy. Fast forward a nanosecond and Gretzky is settled in where Fischer was.

Milani knows to get off the sofa when I come in and stand there, she’ll begrudgingly slooooowwwwly get off and lay on one of the many dog beds.

Fischer once on the sofa is like the herpes virus hard to get rid of and returns at every chance.

They all know exactly how far they can push the envelope before we put a stop to what they are doing.. Dumb dogs ya right! Gotta love em.

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