Fischer 3/7/2011

Fischer is growing like a weed at 16 weeks he was 31lbs. The Vet thinks he’ll be 85-90 lbs when fully grown. He attended his first formal training class on Saturday. He did real well on Sit, Down,Heel however , he thinks is sit in front looking for a treat. We have to work on getting him at our left side. The really good thing is his eye contact is great.

Potty training is going really good (knock Wood)  he’s started to alert when he needs to go out, you have to be watching his signals but at least he’s aware he needs to do his thing outside. He has learned that “Hurry” means go now or it will be a while.

Fischer could be called “Light Switch” because he’s either butt tucking around the back yard or passed out on the dog bed.

His ears are darkening up so I think he’ll be a medium color like his Dad.

Milani is a trooper she puppy sits Fischer and put up with the puppy chewing and non stop action. Gretzky on the other hand has begun to allow Fischer to sniff him and get close and actually plays a little on his terms. Small steps for Mr Grumpy

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