Need a last minute gift for a pet parent? Give a ScooperDude Gift Certificate.

Give ScooperDude Gift Certificate. We’ll pick up you don’t have to.

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Give a ScooperDude Gift Certificate, and we’ll pick up so you don’t have to.

Here’s the scoop on the perfect present for dog owners.

Give a gift certificate for ScooperDude’s poop scooping services and see the smile it brings.

“When the weather outside is frightful…”
We scoop so you don’t have to.

“Here comes ScooperDude, here comes ScooperDude…”
We do the dirty work for you.


“Doo you hear what I hear?” Our customers love the convenience of ScooperDude’s services.

  • ScooperDude removes pet waste from yards, dog pens, apartment and condo complexes, kennels, parks, and other places where those menacing mounds have been dropped.
  • Enjoy our affordable service once or several times a week so you don’t waste another minute doing pet waste clean up. We clean up what your pets leave behind and take this unwanted job off your hands.
  • We disinfect and deodorize our tools and shoes after we finish each yard. Waste is double bagged and disposed of properly per EPA standards.
  • Call us year round. Whether the weather is naughty (cold, wet, hot, humid, stormy) or nice, we’re there to pick up after your dog so you don’t have to.
  • When you call, you talk to ScooperDude not a call center. We’re locally owned and operated, and we have over a decade of experience and a pile of satisfied customers.

Prices start at $12.50 per week for one dog $2.50 each for the extra dog.

Give ScooperDude Gift Certificate. We’ll pick up you don’t have to.

Give a ScooperDude Gift Certificate and “Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas…”

Don’t be pooped out trying to think of a special present. Call ScooperDude today for a gift certificate. It’s the perfect present for pup parents.

ScooperDude also sells, installs and services pet waste stations and scoops commercial properties.

“It’s a wonderful time of the year” all year long, when you use ScooperDude. Read more about our services here.

Here’s how to give ScooperDude Gift Certificate.Call or email for a gift certificate: (704) 846-9086 or


Give ScooperDude Gift Certificate. We’ll pick up you don’t have to.Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the ScooperDude family!

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