New Arrival

Santa delivered a new puppy on Dec 26th. We are Puppy Raisers for Canine Companions for Independence . Our new puppy “Fischer” arrived healthy and is cute as a button.

Our charge is to teach “Fischer” about 30 commands including sit, down, heel, here and many more. “Fischer” will learn to lay quietly under a table while we eat or work at our desk, he’ll attend meetings, ride on city buses, visit the fire house and any other age appropriate trips we can safely take him on.

Potty Training is our current task, while he does alert us when he needs to go out, however his alerts are sometime real hard to understand. It maybe just a look or a sniff at the rug. Potty Training is a lot like AA you take it one day at a time.

Overall “Fischer” is doing well he’s growing like a weed, already over 25lbs.

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