A Scoop of Dog Safety Tips for the 4th

www.public-domain-image.com (public domain image)The first three days of July are a busy time for veterinarians as pet parents come in for meds to calm dogs before the 4th.

July 5th is the busiest day for shelters as they deal with dogs who have run away after hearing fireworks or backyard firecrackers.

Keep your dog safe as rockets red glare fly through the air. Here are tips a veterinarian and a dog trainer gave during a Google hangout discussion called “Help Your Pet Survive Fireworks and Summer Thunderstorms.”

  • Exercise dogs as much as possible during the day so they are tired by the time fireworks start.
  • Keep dogs inside during fireworks and with a companion, if possible.
  • Keep windows and curtains closed.
  • Leave the TV on to cover the sounds of fireworks.
  • Or play music. There’s even something called Through a Dog’s Ear that offers specially selected music that research has demonstrated calms dog anxiety.
  • Use a wrap like Thunder Shirt. Make your own low-cost version.
  • Leave distractions–a new toy or something else–to play with.
  • Let your pup retreat to a closet, hide under a bed or find another safe place.

If you do take your dog with you to fireworks, make sure your dog has ID tags with a properly fitting collar. Keep your pet on a sturdy leash at all times. Have an exit strategy if you need to make a quick get away.

sparklers-143036_640Even if you have your dog outside just while kids light sparklers, be watchful. Sparklers burn at high temperatures and can cause serious burns.

One way to prepare for the 4th, thunderstorms and other loud noise events is with the Canine Noise Phobia series that combines music, a progression of fireworks sounds and positive reinforcement to reduce and prevent noise phobias and anxiety.


Scared dogIf your dog runs away on the 4th, or any other day, act quickly.

As many as 60% of lost pets are euthanized because they can’t be properly identified and returned to owners.

Read more about what to do if your dog is lost from one of our recent posts.

ScooperDude wishes pups and pet parents a safe and happy 4th of July!

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