ScooperDude comes to your yard at least once a week to clean up what your pets leave behind and take this unwanted job off your hands. We disinfect and deodorize our tools and shoes after we finish each yard. We double bag the waste and take it away to be disposed of properly per EPA rules. ScooperDude operates year-round however, we do observe the following holidays:
Memorial Day, Fourth of July, the Friday before Labor Day (we’ll work Labor Day),  Thanksgiving and December 24-26. You do get charged as we will make up the missed visit the next week.

Our service begins with a thorough cleanup of your yard. This initial scooping is a minimum of $35. (The rate for a one-time service only is a minimum of $45.) After this first visit, ScooperDude comes one or more times a week depending on your requirements.

Per month costs:

1-dog, once a week:  $54.17/mo

2-dogs, once a week:  $65/mo

3-dogs, once a week:  $75.83/mo

4-dogs, once a week:  $86.67

5-dogs, once a week:  $97.50/mo

The costs for additional days or every other week service can be discussed at the time of service set up.




After our visit, the only thing left behind is a waste-free yard along with a ScooperDude report if we find anything unusual in the dog piles we pick up. We’ve been able to tell customers about possible pet health concerns to check out, including roundworms, tapeworms, bloody stools, and ingestion of foreign objects.

We also tell customers if we notice anything unusual at their house, like an open garage door, unfamiliar people going into the house, odd cars or trucks in the driveway, an outdoor grill that has been left on, or other potential problems.

Our Service Areas

ScooperDude currently services the greater Charlotte area up to Mooresville, the Peninsula and as southwest as Rock Hill, SC as far as Midland to our East.  

Commercial Services:
Pet station service:  empty waste bin, refill dispenser boxes, installation of pet stations, minor repairs of pet stations and scooping commercial properties.




“Business stinks…… But it’s picking up!”