Your Local Pooper Scooper

Call it whatever you want……picking up dog poop is a hassle and it’s the last thing you want to do. Call ScooperDude Pet Waste Removal, LLC (your friendly pooper scooper) to free your yard of pet waste.

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ZW_SENTRY_RBD_new screenScooperDude Pet Waste Removal, LLC does the dirty work for you whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly or a one-time clean up. Use our pet waste removal service to keep your yard clean and free of pet waste that can make walking on your lawn hazardous to you and your family.

ScooperDude’s pooper scooper service does their part to improve the environment.

ScooperDude removes pet waste from yards, dog pens, apartment and condo complexes, kennels, parks, and other places where those menacing mounds have been dropped. Use our affordable service once or several times a week so you don’t waste another minute doing pet waste clean up. We come to your yard at least once a week to clean up what your pets leave behind and take this unwanted job off your hands. We disinfect and deodorize our tools and shoes after we finish each yard. We double bag the waste and take it away to be disposed of properly per E.P.A standards.

ScooperDude operates year-round.

ScooperDude is not a franchise. You are talking to me when you call.

Prices start at $12.50 per week/$54.17 per month for one dog $2.50 each for the extra dog.  


ScooperDude sells, installs and services pet waste stations  we also scoop commercial properties.

“Business stinks…….But it’s picking up!”