Weekly and “One-Time” Scheduled Cleanups

ScooperDude comes to your home to clean up what your pets leave behind.
We “scoop the poop,” at least once a week, and take this unwanted job off your hands.

Whether you need a One-Time Cleanup or Weekly Cleanups, ScooperDude is ready to help.


What We DOO…

Perform a thorough cleanup of your yard and assess your pet waste management needs with each service.

Customers Say We Are

Professional, Affordable, Reliable and Caring about pets.


ScooperDude operates year-round and observes the following holidays:       

  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas  (December 23-26)

You get charged and we make up the missed visit the next week.

ScooperDude employees disinfect and deodorize our tools and shoes after each job.

We double bag the waste and take it away with us to be disposed of properly,
according to local and EPA rules.