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My Big Fat Pet Makeover is here to help pudgy pets

by | Aug 26, 2020 | Pet Health, Senior Dogs

Pet trainer Travis Brorsen helps overweight pets during a four-month long weight-loss and behavior modification program.

Brorsen creates individual exercise and diet plans in addition to implementing positive reinforcement training methods.He also uses techniques like wake-up calls for owners, which use visual experiments that let them experience what their pets are going through. For example, one individual is forced to wear a weighted vest to experience the extra weight the dog is living with each day.

Brosen keeps track of a pet’s progress with a FitBark activity monitor attached to the pet’s collar. (Yes, like a FitBit.)

Each story ends with Brorsen returning for a final weigh-in to see just how far the pets and pet owners have come.

Via Animal Planet

October 11 is Pet Obesity Awareness Day.

Obese animals can experience health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart failure, thus leading to a shorter life. Check out My Big Fat Pet Makeover for ideas to help keep canines and cats trim and healthier.

Via Animal Planet

Watch My Big Fat Pet Makeover on Animal Planet Saturdays at 10 p.m. See the first two episodes here.

Read this past post for more about pet obesity. Here’s part of what it says.

Obesity is 100% preventable, and diseases related to obesity are far easier to prevent than to treat.  What can you do for an overweight dog?

  • Ask your vet about the best food to use
  • Measure food and don’t give more than your vet recommends
  • Exercise fido everyday
  • Don’t over treat
  • Use playtime as a reward instead of treats
  • Keep track of your dog’s weight and have regular weigh-ins

To make sure your pup doesn’t become part of the statistic about overweight dogs, follow these guidelines and maybe watch My Big Fat Pet Makeover.