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Primal Dog Food Recalls 5 Products

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Primal Dog Food Recalls 5 Products

Primal Dog Food Recalls 5 ProductsOn December 21st, Primal Dog Food recalled five of its freeze-dried poultry products because of their grind size. That’s the size or coarseness of the food, which in the recalled products was larger than the ideal size.

See the list of affected products here.

Here’s what Primal Products said about the recalled products.

What does an out of spec bone grind mean?

“This is a Primal production specification issue – it poses absolutely no risk to human health.

Only 5 specific Primal Canine and Feline Freeze-Dried Poultry Formulas were produced outside of our grind size specification.

We have very precise requirements as to how our foods are to be produced so they preform optimally.

We require our meat and bones be ground down to a coarseness of 1/8”.

Over a single production run, the wrong grind plate was used and the product was ground at 1/4″ coarseness, which is a 1/8″ variance to our specifications.

We became aware that food produced over a single production run did not meet our precise specifications and may not preform optimally, particularly for small dogs and cats.

We are not comfortable having product in the market that doesn’t meet our precise specifications in order to deliver optimal experience to the consumer and pet.

This decision is entirely voluntary and the FDA is not involved at all.”

Primal Dog Food Recalls 5 Products

Via Primal Pet Foods Facebook page

Is my pet in danger if they consumed this food?

“Dogs and cats are designed to crush and consume soft bones such as those found in these out of spec products. In most cases, these products will not be a health or safety issue for both dogs and cats. If your pet has consumed any of these products you will want to monitor whether they appear to have any issues with chewing as it is possible that a larger piece of bone may get lodged between two teeth. As well, we recommend observing your pet to ensure that there are no digestive or intestinal issues within 72 hours of feeding the affected product.”

How do I get a refund for this bone grind related issue?

“If you’ve found that you have product on our attached list, the process for returns/refunds for affected products is simple. Please provide the following information to us:

  • A photo of the back of your bag that includes the Lot Code and UPC Code for the affected product
  • Customer full name
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone Number

You have the option of returning the product for a refund at your local retailer or for Primal Pet Foods to write a check to you for reimbursement directly.

If you are unable to provide a photo of the bag with Lot Code and UPC code information because you don’t have the packaging anymore, you can also validate your request for reimbursement with a photo of the product in your possession clearly showing large bone pieces by using an object to show scale (i.e. ruler, coin, etc). We’ll also then need to know the following information:

  • What is the product and package size
  • Customer full name
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone Number

Once we have this information, we’ll be able to process the reimbursement.”