Via American University and The Washington Post

Speak! Dogs school humans practicing speeches

“Speak” is usually a command humans give dogs. But some canines are now in command and turning the tables on humans. This story from The Washington Post talks about a new type of service dog that is helping college students get ready to give class presentations, commencement speeches and interviews. “Audience dogs” at American University […]

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Pet parents: Here’s how to be prepared when disaster strikes

Natural disasters like hurricanes, floods and wildfires and man-made disasters like chemical or oil spills don’t always give you time to prepare for keeping family pets safe. Sometimes officials say to leave pets at home if you have to evacuate. The idea is you’ll be back home soon. It doesn’t always work that way. Residents […]

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These former working dogs in training are now faithful, furry, full-time friends.

Let’s celebrate working dogs

May Day celebrates workers of the world. Dogs are some of the best workers around. “Give a dog a job” is part of the message of Canine Companions for Independence. CCI dogs are partnered with a child or adult with disabilities and “work” for their human. They know more than 40 commands to help with […]

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Picasso and Pablo via Luvable Dog Rescue Facebook page

Once a ditched dog. Now in great demand.

Picasso, the pitbull-terrier mix, looks like something Picasso, the artist, might have painted. His snout is twisted right. His jaw juts left. Picasso was born with this facial deformity. He was part of a litter from a backyard breeder in California. No one wanted the pup. When the breeder couldn’t sell Picasso, or his brother […]

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