Via Windsor Fire Protection Districts Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) K9 Facebook page

From rescued to rescuer, a dog’s story

Rocket, Belgian Malinois half Border collie mix, was a stray on the streets of Sacramento, California and ended up in a SPCA shelter. Rocket was true to his breed: smart, protective, sociable but very high energy. It was his excessive energy and his obsessive focus on certain things that made Rocket unlikely to be adopted. […]

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Arrow and Wiggum via the Parker family Facebook page

Family flees Harvey with 3 dogs, but there’s no room at the Inn

A Houston family followed a mandatory evacuation order during Hurricane Harvey, packed some essentials and headed out to drier ground. The four humans and three dogs faced multiple challenges along the way. After roadblocks, dead ends and losing one vehicle to flooding, they arrived at the Katy, Texas Holiday Inn Express. The humans were welcome. […]

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Operation Pets Alive 5

Southwest Airlines flies Harvey pets to new homes

On Tuesday, Southwest Airlines airlifted dozens of dogs and cats displaced by Hurricane Harvey to a nonprofit in California. The animals were from Houston shelters that were flooded and damaged. They went to the Helen Woodward Animal Center in San Diego. Southwest Airlines donated the flight. The company was retiring a jet, and it used […]

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Credit Pixabay

Dogs left behind to uncertain hurricane fate

Two dogs were spotted sitting in a boat after Hurricane Harvey swamped their neighborhood. CNN reporter Ed Lavandera snapped a photo of the dog duo in Dickinson, Texas. His Instagram post said, “Sadly a family had to evacuate their flooded neighborhood in Dickinson, #Texas without their dogs. Hope they’re ok. #Houston” The dogs were left […]

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Credit Pixabay

What would make you happier: jackpot or puppy?

Does money buy happiness? Many pet parents say adopting a pet would make them happier long-term than winning the lottery. That’s what PetSmart Charities found when it surveyed 1,000 randomly selected pet parents around the U.S. With this Wednesday’s Powerball drawing pushing $700 million plus, maybe the answer would change. But the survey, done in […]

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