The Poop Diet

I scoop our yard every day because, whether it’s fresh or dried, Fischer thinks poop is fine canine cuisine. In addition to limiting the turds that are available, we’ve tried to discourage Fischer’s poop diet. None of the remedies we’ve used, including meat tenderizer and over-the-counter products from pet stores, have change his taste for […]

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Lucky Dog host Brandon McMillan

Lucky Dog!

Shelter dogs star in CBS’ new show, Lucky Dog. Follow animal trainer and behaviorist Brandon McMillan as he visits his local shelter to rescue “hard-to-love, out-of control, untrained and unadoptable dogs.” He takes the dog back to his ranch for training before finding each one a home. The show airs on WBTV at 10 a.m. […]

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The Scoop on the Poop

We see a lot of poop in a day. Sometimes there are tell-tale (or tell-tail) signs that a dog swallowed something that wasn’t meant to be eaten. We’ve seen remnants of shoes, socks, thongs, gloves and jewelry. We leave a note if we see something out of the ordinary. But if your dog hasn’t been […]

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Animal magnetism 2

Animal Magnetism or Your Canine’s Compass

When pooches poop, they prefer to point toward the north and south poles. According to a 2013 study, dogs are so attuned to the Earth’s magnetic field that they line up with it when they relieve themselves. Researchers studied 70 dogs, representing 37 breeds, for two years and thousands of dumps. A clear canine pattern […]

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